Job opportunities and student projects

Postdoc position in single molecule biophysics (February 2020)

August 2020: Job offer is closed. Feel free to contact Dr. David Dulin if you are interested in joining the lab, more positions will open soon.

The Dulin lab has to offer a fully funded post-doc position (2 years) in the field of biophysics to study protein-nucleic acids interactions. The successful candidate will investigate genome processing machines, such as cellular and viral RNA polymerase, using state-of-the-art single molecule techniques, e.g. magnetic tweezers, total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy. Within the lab, the successful candidate will perform experiments and develop new computational analysis tools to investigate transcription initiation and termination at the single molecule level.


We are seeking for

  • an outstanding experimentalist with experience in biophysics, physics and/or molecular biology. Experience in optics and computer programming (LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, C++, etc.) will be strongly appreciated.
  • a creative and hard working individual that has a strong interest in crossing research fields.

She/He will successfully develop and combine different expertise in physics, biology and software programming to understand the fundamental steps in genome transcription and replication. Proficiency in English (both speaking and writing) is required.



The Dulin lab is one of the junior research groups at the University Hospital supported by the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF). The successful candidate will join a dynamic and enthusiastic team of biophysicists and biochemists ready to tackle exciting problems related to genome expression and maintenance using single molecule techniques, e.g. magnetic tweezers and single molecule FRET. She/He will have access to an imaging facility (OICE), to state-of-the-art magnetic tweezers apparatuses, to a molecular biology facility and to the technical support of an experienced molecular biologist. She/he will have the opportunity to present her/his work at international conference. The Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) is located in Erlangen and Nuremberg in the north of the Bavaria state and is part of the Medical Valley. FAU is one of the best universities in Germany, being recently ranked amongst the most innovative universities in Europe.



The preferable starting date is April 2020. The position will remain open until filled. The salary is in accordance with the German federal public service salary scale (TV-L E13). To apply, please send a cover letter (one page maximum), a curriculum vitae (two pages maximum), a publication list and the contact details of two references to Dr. David Dulin (david.dulin[at] All the documents must be written in English.



Master/Bachelor projects

We are always looking for highly talented and motivated people to join our research effort. For master and bachelor projects, we like the student to stay at least 4 months, which give the student the time to apply what she/he learned during the first couple of months of the internship and eventually finalise a project. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Dr David Dulin.

Spontaneous application

If you would like to join the lab as a PhD or a postdoc and would like to secure your own funding, multiple options are available. You will find more info here for PhD funding and here for postdoc funding. Please contact Dr David Dulin at least six months in advance to prepare the application.