Year: 2019

Big congrats to Eugen, Flavia and Anssi for our book chapter "A Single-Molecule View on Cellular and Viral RNA Synthesis" published In: Joo C., Rueda D. (eds) Biophysics of RNA-Protein Interactions. Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering. Springer, New York, NY.

Flavia and Mona just posted their BioRxiv preprint relating their great work on fabricating and evaluating DNA/RNA scaffolds! Many useful protocols that are so essential for tweezers experiments, and many other single molecule biophysics experiments! See preprint here. Congrats again!

Dr. Subhas Chandra Bera just joined our lab as a postdoc to work on protein-DNA interactions with magnetic tweezers! Welcome Subhas!

Yibulayin Wubulikasimu starts his PhD in the Dulin lab to develop a TIRF microscope for single molecule FRET experiments! Welcome and good luck Yibulayin!

Flávia and David are very happy to present the lab progress in Hünfeld (Germany) at the Molecular Biophysics Conference organised by Michael Schlierf (Dresden, Germany) and Emmanuel Margeat (Montpellier, France)! Looking forward to this very exciting meeting!

Eugen and Flavia unpacking the boxes in the molecular biology lab. Few hours after moving, the magnetic tweezers lab is already up and running! Stay tuned, great science to come!

We are now located on the South campus of FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg within the new building of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Nanostructured Films (IZNF). Fantastic infrastructure to perform great science! Pictures coming soon!